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ZM-R7850A Main feature

The infrared heater adopt the imported ceramic heater, which can preheat the PCB more evenly.
It has 12 section temperature control, which in accordance with lead-free repair process.
The temperature curve can be analyzed and reported automatically. The origin can be traced if it has exceptional quality problem.
Mass temperature parameters can be stored. It is very convenient to obtain the history parameters.
It adopt the high-definition optical alignment system which can move forward and back; up and down automatically. You can inspect the edge of BGA from all directions and mount the components accurately.
X, Y axis is equipped with micrometer fine-tuning section, adjustment precision of + / – 0.01 mm.
The usage of high precision K-type sensor realizing the precision direction of every point for PCB and BGA. What’s more, it has Automatic curve analysis function.
The automatic feeder can feed and discharge the materials automatically.
Built-in three-stage smoke purification system, which can filter poisonous gas.
The mounting head can rotate 360 degrees.
Linear motion machine using the Japanese THK linear rail which guarantee the running accuracy.
Adopt Industrial PC+Keyboard+mouse operation.

Suitable for SMD(BGA, QFP etc.) Repair, Support IC Chips Min Size. 2mm * 2mm.

Delivery time 2 weeks

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