BGA Rework System ZM-R730A – for Large Size PCB

BGA Rework System ZM-R730A – for Large Size PCB

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ZM-R730A Rework System – for Large Size PCB

  • Stable and Uniform Hot Air Heating System
  • Lower Heater Adjustable(Height Moving Range 3CM)
  • Ceramic honeycomb Infrared Preheater(Left/ Right Moving Range 30 CM)
  • High-Precision PID Temperature Control System(5 K-type sensor, 10 temperature zone control )
  • High-Precision Optical Alignment System with Industrial High-Definition CCD (2MP)
  • High-Resolution Touch Screen HMI Interface
  • Automatic Placement, Desoldering
  • Built-In Pressure Testing Device To Protects The PCB
  • Real-Time Temperature Monitoring and Over-Temperature Protection.
  • Emergency Stop Function
  • Add a side camera, more clearly observe the rework process(Optional)


Suitable for Normal SMD(BGA, QFP etc.) & Micro-SMD Components Repair, Max. 80mm x 80mm, Min. 0.5mm * 0.5mm IC. PCB motherboard support Max. 620mm x 520mm

Delivery time 2 weeks

Hotline: +84 769 116 968

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