SP-460-SZ SMT PCB Vacuum Magazine Loader PCB loading machine

SP-460-SZ SMT PCB Vacuum Magazine Loader PCB loading machine

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  1. At the front end of SMT production line, SMT PCB Vacuum Magazine Loader have two ways of loading plates: PCB magazine with a cylinder push out and automatic suction.
  2. PLC micro computer control which is stable and reliable.
  3. “Wilton” true color touch screen control panel which is very easy to operate.
  4. Acoustic-optic alarm system
  5. Customizable left to right or right to left
  6. Use standard material rack for strong versatility.
  7. The lifting step of the material frame can be set according to the PCB thickness.
  8. The turnover box use cylinder multi-angle clamping, which is stable and reliable and can correct the deformation of the turnover box.
  9. Special piston elongated cylinder which is smooth with no gap. Push force is adjustable.
  10. Function of automatic preventing plate stuck
  11. Function of suction and sending plate
  12. Standard SMEMA signal communication mode can connect with other device online.
  13. SMT PCB Vacuum Magazine Loader to provide flexible way on loading PCB of SMT production

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