L600 GDK Printer

L600 GDK Printer

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1. Accuracy L600 patent mathematical model, repeat the accuracy of 15 microns ( 0.0005 ) @ 6 , Cp 2.0, To ensure that the machine to achieve high-precision alignment.

2. HTGD dedicated PCB thickness adaptive system Simple and reliable structure, adaptive PCB thickness. Intelligent fast to achieve different thickness PCB board and its transmission, clamping mechanism of the match.

3. Image and optical system The new optical system – uniform ring light and high brightness coaxial light, with all the brightness can be adjusted to the brightness, so that all types of Mark points can be a very good identification (including the rugged Mark point), to adapt Tin, copper, gold, spray tin, FPC, and other types of different colors of the PCB. Four light source adjustable, up and down with the same steel and PCB board.

4. Programmable suspension self-adjusting stepper motor drives the print head It is designed for the stability of the front and rear scraper pressure and the stability of the lift

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