SMT TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY was officially established in Vinh Yen city, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam on August 7, 2014. Currently, there are two service locations in the North of Vietnam, Hai Noi City and Vinh Yen City. The nature of the company is to move towards an import-export oriented company, mainly serving SMT electronics companies. The products provided are SMT production equipment and spare parts, production line automation equipment, related auxiliary equipment, supplies and equipment, chemicals, laboratory equipment, measuring instruments. gauges, hardware tools and materials, lubricants…etc.

SMT TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY. Committed to providing high quality equipment and products to our customers, and to develop our service depth, we have established and have a strong technical service team with an average experience of 5 years up, we can provide customers with orientation and calibration of equipment on various production lines, and provide customers with ancillary production services in the factory. It is our pleasure to cooperate with you. THANK YOU.